Furniture and Carpet Cleaning Services

Having furniture and carpets professionally cleaned once in a while makes a great deal of sense. Not only does it restore your furnishings to as-new condition, it also gives them a longer life. So, who do you turn to for the very best in cleaning services cape town and Johannesburg? The answer is Extreme Clean, a company with many years of experience in the field, and a reputation for excellent service and great prices they also provide services like fumigation cape town They have made sure that this service is up to international standards in fumigation

With a team of highly skilled and fully trained operatives, and the right machinery and equipment for the job, Extreme Clean have many satisfied customers, and you can read testimonies from them on the website. Have a look now at the Extreme Clean site for more information on their range of cleaning solutions and services, and fill in the simple online form so that one of their team can get back to you and discuss your requirements.